February 22nd…the day it all begins again! This year I’m so happy to be having somewhat of a “homebase” with Dillon as opposed to our long distance Facetimes last season. The past week has been chaos as I ran around for last minute items and attempted to put months worth of clothes/necessities into two suitcases and a box. He told me multiple times to pack light. Two suitcases is pretty good for a girl like me right?!

Ever since I was a kid I’ve always been somewhat organized, or okay…maybe OCD about packing with my lists and distinguishing my outfits by organizing them in Ziploc bags. But for the past 23 years it has somehow worked and I thought I would share some of my tips for those who are planning a lengthy trip.

Let’s start with bags. Since I am going to be gone at least two months before I reload again for the regular season I decided to bring two large suitcases. The first is my Tumi Latitude Extended Trip Packing Case which I love because it is so durable. Dillon even took it to Australia and it came home without a scratch. I recently had it engraved with my name (thanks mom & dad for the short name)! This is my go-to bag for all of my week long trips and will be my “shoe” bag for Spring Training. My second bag is the Calpak 28in Hardside Pelton Spinner which I purchased at TjMaxx (not going to lie, bought it strictly because of the color) to serve as my clothes bag since it fits my packing cubes perfectly. I am also bringing my Louis Vuitton duffle bag as my carry-on for my make up, important personal items, and handbags that I plan on using.

I can’t steal all of the credit for the packing cubes, that started with Dillon. These are a GREAT affordable option (under $20 for my set on Amazon) for keeping your suitcase neat while traveling and even when you arrive at your destination.

As far as the box goes, I shipped it so that it could be our “on the road” box for items we acquire while living in Arizona (extra Shampoo, kitchen utensils, first aid supplies, etc.). These items can then be used at our next destination. Instead of shipping it multiple times and spending a fortune, I am going to keep it in Dillon’s truck to be transported.

Ziplocs are a SAVIOR for keeping items organized while traveling since you can see the contents and label them. In the box, I included a variety of spices in a Ziploc which makes clean up a breeze if one of the bottles spills or gets damaged. In my “office” bag I included a set of thank yous as you never know when you may need them but more importantly STAMPS. I can’t tell you how many I have misplaced them and had to make a trip to the post office (which is never quick) so I was sure to throw them in there.

I am wearing LNA Brushed Freelance Pullover, Align Jogger 28″, Gucci Round Frame Sunglasses with Star and Givenchy Logo Slides.