Spring Break is right around the corner, which means the daunting task of packing has arrived. As someone who was once guilty of overpacking, I have recently discovered more efficient ways to travel.



Your traveling outfit may depend on what activities you are planning upon arrival. It is also dependent on the weather of your final destination. I always recommend going by the phrase “comfy but cute”. A simple maxi dress gives you an effortless look, which is both comfortable and stylish. Spice up your look by pairing leggings with a cut-off sweatshirt or t-shirt. Bringing along a scarf or hoodie will help with cooler cabin temperatures while in flight. Dressing in layers is a smart way to adapt to varying climates.


Valuables of importance should be kept close by, preferably in a small purse. These items include your boarding pass, cell phone, jewelry, medications, passport, and wallet. Using a handbag with a zipper is ideal so items do not become lost under the seat in front of you.


If you’re going on a shorter trip opt for a carry on bag that you can put on your shoulder like my Lululemon bag pictured above. For longer trips choose a larger rolling suitcase, like my Jessica Simpson snakeskin pictured below. Handy items for your carry on bag include: device chargers, headphones, laptop and a travel pillow. Leave some extra room for items you may acquire on your vacation! However if you’re like me, sometimes your carry on may be completely dedicated to your shoes, which is totally acceptable;)



Making a list of each days outfit is helpful in reducing unnecessary articles of clothing. I find a suitcase with an X interior strap is more beneficial than than two horizontal straps in holding your clothes in place. A bag like the one pictured below from TJMaxx offers a large section on the left for your miscellaneous items: cosmetic and makeup bags, hair styling tools and shoes. If there is any chance of cosmetics leaking, be sure to double bag them. For families traveling with children it is a smart idea to organize their outfits by placing them in Ziplock bags for easy access.

I hope this mini guide will help you get a start on your spring break packing. Making a list is the first and most important step! Have a fun spring break!

Xo Ava

I am wearing Lululemon Align II pants, Petite Beau Black Cropped Sweater, and Givenchy Rubber Slides