One of the things I am looking most forward to in my life is decorating my own home, more specifically my closet. I have been dreaming of the day when I get to pick out mirrors, cabinets, hardware and display cases to show off my babies (shoes and purses).

Hopefully my future husband is okay with me taking over a room or two in order to make my plan come to life! I envision a main dressing area with a large  chandelier like the one pictured below.  Arhaus has so many beautiful options for lighting fixtures that are perfect for lighting up your dressing room while making a design statement, check them out here! Marble counter tops along with mirrored drawers to house all of my jewelry. A chaise lounge and ottoman would be perched in the corner so my friends could sit comfortably while they aided my decision on an outfit (which could be awhile). To complete this area a HUGE wall mirror along with adequate lighting would be perfect for full-length outfit photos!



I would install glass cabinet doors for easy viewing in addition to the flush mount lighting below. All articles of clothing can be grouped by style (dresses, skirts, sweaters, etc.) and color. A tip I learned while working in the retail industry is to organize your closet by color (white to black).


My favorite purses would be on display while my shoes would be organized by color and purpose as shown below.

Adding a makeup counter is the final touch for glamming up my dressing room.  This will provide a place to store and apply my makeup. A vanity mirror is perfect for pristine application. To make it all come to life, I would accessorize with a fur throw over the chair, designer fashion books and decorative pillows.

Hopefully this post has you day dreaming about ideas for your own dressing room! Below you’ll find even more inspiration! Xoxo