It happens every summer, the constant dilemma of what to wear when its burning up outside yet freezing inside. The commute to work may leave you sweaty and overheated, only to enter the workplace where the A/C is on blast. If only there was a way to find a balance between the two. Good news, there is! A few simple additions to your closet can make all the difference. Below are my recommendations for women and men.

Maxi Dresses are a great option for the heat of the summer and breeze of the A/C. They offer warmth to your legs while keeping your arms cool. As for any outfit, you can add a sweater at the office to keep yourself to ward off the chill.

Flowy pants are another resolution for this situation. They are the most open pant, allowing air to get in them easier. Pair these pants with a cute short sleeve top.

Blazers are a wonderful option for the workplace. There are so many options for sleeve length and color to spice up your look. It will keep you warm in cooler temperatures and it is easily removable for the heat of the day.


Long sleeve button downs with a tee underneath is perfect for the work commute and behind the desk. If you get to hot on the way home, undo the buttons to reveal your tee. Short sleeves offer a more casual yet stylish way to keep cool. Pair both of these with a pair of skinny dress pants or nice shorts like these from Bonobos!

Lastly a look I am loving on guys right now! Cotton T-shirts with a pair of shorts, especially white, is super in right now. Cotton is the best material in the hot summer because it is breathable and soaks up moisture.